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I do not really like how simple and boring this game is. I played it with my friend over the Parsec application and it's hard to jump and grab armour. I beat him easily twice and then I uninstalled. It was so freaking boring. . . I've been reading this book about real knights recently...well fantasy epic cool knights but they weren't ducks. They were real men (and women) not stupid little prancy ducks. In Sworn 2 VBalur (an epic /qst/ quest) it's a REAL knight experience. 

Hey friend :) 

We have a YouTube channel and we want to make a video about your game, we are asking for your permission to broadcast our gameplay. If you want, we can show the progress of development, gameplay, concept art and more... Anything that you will share with us. 

please contact us by mail: 

Or by twitter: @GeeksBoxs

We would love to hear back from you


plz make .zip version this looks rlly fun but i cant open


You can just convert the .rar file to a .zip file.

This one worked perfectly for me:

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Actually, why not. *working*

This is a adorable! I love the music and artistic olde-medieval setting (the ducks make it perfect)

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Oh gosh it's so cute! I love the backgrounds and art and just the entire vibe! They're so adorable! I love their little quacks too!

I only wish we could tell exactly how long until the collision is! (And to see them get knocked off their horses lol)

Great job!


Ha-ha, thank you! 
Sound designer got raged when i secretly added this quack records on each collision with hay (i'm artist of the game). :D

Yes, it is a problem, the collisions has to be fixed. And its good idea to make knoks, suppouse to look cool ;d

@maxmaletin offered uus to create a mobile version of the game, so we will fix everything soon.

Thanks for the feedback!


Haaaa! You are the carrot developer! :D 

My personal favourite game for now! Thanks for stopping by :D


OMG, I absolutely love it! Your art is so good it's ridiculous, and it's duck knights! Tournament music! Constant quacking! You literally pick up speed! Of course some technical polish wouldn't hurt, like a big seamless collision in the end. Do that, make a mobile build where you tap left and right side of a screen, and you'll have a solid mobile game in no time!

This is absolutely fantastic idea!!

We are mobile game developers, but i didn't even had an idea to port it to phones! You are genius! And on smaller screens it will be easy to play, bc eye will see everything from bigger distance.

I think, we will make local coop, where you can play if your phones are near.

Thanks a lot!!

And thanks for the great motivating feedback! For mobile version we will of cource fix all collisions problems and add better UX like radar, instruction, final knocking off..!

Btw, if you would like to try this on the Phone - join Discord! We would need testers ;)


This looks and sounds incredible. Would love to try this but I have a Mac. Do you think there will be a version for Mac? :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Hi there! We have a HTML5 version for browser, but since its voting now, we are not able to download it :c

Thanks for idea, unfortunately, the game is not that completed, so we can post it separetely from this jem. On GDWC (i checked), developers post their games, that they are making for months. 

Buuut, we are making other games, so if they take mobile games to join - we would be very happy!

Anyway! Thank you for the feedback! And thanks for the idea. We will try to join!

Yes you can submit mobile games as well! :)

Hi @GDWC, I deployed a web version for you (it is identical to the one attached here)

Wow! Thank you! <3

Great! Thank you very much :D