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Good looking enjoyable game! Did a good job capturing the horrifying naked dream 😰 think the people chasing you are a bit too fast mind 😅 

Gameplay starts at 7:20

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Hello! Gosh how ashamed was I :D

During the development (it was about 24 jam hrs) we were thinking too much about graphics and animation, and after all almost didint tesdted the game. 
So we got bugs like broken animations (like when someone catch you , they make a photo of you), character doesnt get colored after he got the cloths, and the thing with enemies speed. So sorry that you got confused! :D

But also thank you for playing! Thant was fun to watch! You have a talent!

Dude no need to be ashamed, this game was hella fun, actually one of my most enjoyable indie games it’s so fast paced and it looks great! 😄 to manage that within 24hrs is special😅 very well done keep up the good work and thank you for the kind comment 😄